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Istanbul Airport taximeter charges

  • The meter will be turned on as soon as you get into the Istanbul airport taxi. The current flat rate of 7 TL should be displayed on the display.
  • Every kilometer, the fee is increased by around 4,5 TL.
  • If a Istanbul airport taxi is stuck in traffic and cannot proceed or must wait on your behalf for more than 5 minutes, an additional 0.8% TL will be applied every minute.
  • The lowest fare is 20 TL (to prevent people taking taxis for too short distances)
  • There used to be a night and day charge, but it’s no longer in effect. Don’t let him convince you otherwise!
  • If your Istanbul airport taxi has to pay a toll to cross a bridge (8.25 TL each way), utilize a tunnel, or travel on specific motorways, the cost will be added to the meter rate. You should not, however, be taxed for his return journey.