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Istanbul Airport taximeter charges

  • The meter will be turned on as soon as you get into the Istanbul airport taxi. The current flat rate of 7 TL should be displayed on the display.
  • Every kilometer, the fee is increased by around 4,5 TL.
  • If a Istanbul airport taxi is stuck in traffic and cannot proceed or must wait on your behalf for more than 5 minutes, an additional 0.8% TL will be applied every minute.
  • The lowest fare is 20 TL (to prevent people taking taxis for too short distances)
  • There used to be a night and day charge, but it’s no longer in effect. Don’t let him convince you otherwise!
  • If your Istanbul airport taxi has to pay a toll to cross a bridge (8.25 TL each way), utilize a tunnel, or travel on specific motorways, the cost will be added to the meter rate. You should not, however, be taxed for his return journey.

Taxis in Istanbul

In Istanbul, about 20,000 yellow cabs ply the streets, delivering speedy and convenient journeys. With an Istanbul taxi, you can travel in luxury in the rear seat of an air-conditioned car, arriving at your destination without having to worry about getting lost in the city or dealing with heavy luggage.

The infamous traffic and taxi driver scams are the two primary disadvantages of using a cab in Istanbul. Even so, traffic congestion is a big issue in Istanbul, resulting in long lineups of cars. As a result, because Istanbul taxis are metered, their charge is determined by the taximeter’s estimate of the travelled distance and trip duration, tourists wind up paying relatively high fees despite spending a substantial amount of time on the road. Moreover, taxi drivers in Istanbul are notorious for tricking and overcharging visitors. Obviously, this isn’t the rule, but it happens frequently.

Types of Istanbul Taxis

There are three types of taxis in Istanbul: orange taxis, blue/turquoise taxis, and black taxis. Taxis in Istanbul are typically yellow, with a prominent “TAXI” sign on the roof. Yellow “C” taxis are low-cost vehicles (such as the Renault Clio) that can transport up to four passengers with limited luggage. In any event, yellow cabs are Istanbul’s most frequent and least expensive taxi alternative. The blue/turquoise cabs are the second most expensive type. These “D” taxis use costlier and comfortable vehicles, such as the Opel Insignia, although they charge 15% more. Finally, black “E” taxis provide elegant rides in high-end automobiles such as Mercedes, although they cost twice as much as yellow taxis.

On the other hand, in Istanbul, night tariffs are no longer in effect, so you will pay the same price regardless of the time of day. Although, you should keep in mind that Istanbul’s tremendous traffic affects the final pricing, so if you travel during rush hours, you may wind up paying a hefty ticket.

Payment Methods

In order to use taxi services in Istanbul, it is advisable to have a sufficient amount of cash on hand. While it is not always the case that credit/debit cards are not accepted, it is quite probable that your taxi driver will not have the necessary card terminal. Moreover, it is advisable to make payments in Turkish liras in order to prevent falling victim to a fraudulent exchange rate. Alternatively, credit cards can be used for pre-booking taxi transfers.

How to Hire a Taxi in Istanbul?

In Istanbul, regular yellow cabs may be seen everywhere. You can quickly grab one of them if you stand on a busy street and wave your hand. Yet, the safest technique of avoiding being cheated by an illegal taxi is to hail a cab from one of Istanbul’s many taxi ranks. On the other hand, you may always book a cab online using one of the Istanbul taxi apps (such as iTaksi, Bitaksi, or Kiwi Taxi) or ask your hotel concierge to summon a taxi for you.


Some Istanbul taxi drivers, just like everywhere else in the world, have a few tricks under their sleeves to fleece unsuspecting travelers. The most typical approach is to lengthen the journey by taking (excessive) diversions. They’re convinced that because you’re not an Istanbulite, you won’t notice – and you won’t! You can be sure to pay the exact cab fee with this list of Istanbul taxi costs from Taksim and Sultanahmet to the most popular tourist spots!